Wrangler Cabin Rules & Amenities

~ Wrangler Cabin Rules & Amenities ~

Thank you for respecting Wrangler Cabin.

Wrangler Cabin, Denise Birchfield & Smoke Rise Ranch are NOT RESPONSIBLE for ACCIDENTS!

Construction out back, please excuse our mess while we progress, paddock & barn area are not part of this rental agreement.

Please follow these rules for an enjoyable stay & to avoid additional fees.

You will be charged for any damages, excessive cleaning of premise including spa, laundering inclusive.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING or VAPING in this cabin! A fee of $250 will be added for cleaning.  The wood of this cabin absorbs the smell and stain of smoke, please respect this rule. 

Pets welcome ONLY with prior approval. $50 per pet, two pet limit.

Hot tub

  • To open and close, USE HANDLES ONLY.
  • ALWAYS CLOSE the hot tub whenever it is not in use.
  • ALWAYS SHOWER PRIOR TO HOT TUB USE to remove oils, lotions etc.
  • DO NOT add any lotions, soaps, or solutions to hot tub.
  • NEVER walk on, or place anything on top of the hot tub, or the hot tub cover.
  • DO NOT EAT while in the hot tub.
  • DO NOT use glass bottles, wine glasses, or any other glassware while in, or around the hot tub.
  • Turn hot tub light OFF when not in use.

If the hot tub is excessively unsanitary after your stay, you will be charged a $150 maintenance fee for cleaning and chemicals. If the hot tub is damaged, you will be charged the amount of $5000 for a replacement.

Toilets & Drains DO NOT FLUSH any inorganic material, sanitary pads, or tampons.

Televisions, Satellite TV, Radio

  • Please turn OFF when not in use.
  • ON/OFF: Press BOTH red buttons to turn TV’s on and off.
  • Living Room TV – Remote #1
  • Bedroom TVs – Remote #2 and #3
  • If there is no picture, or you have accidentally pushed incorrect buttons, follow this procedure:
    1. Press the SAT button
    2. Press INPUT button
    3. Downstairs TV must be set on HDMI1 input, upstairs TVs must be tuned to channel 116.
    4. Press SAT button

Questions/ Problems: Please call immediately, (740) 503-2418


Towels, Linens, Dishes, and Garbage

  • Place all soiled laundry in a pile on the upstairs bedroom floor.
  • Please wash used dishes and glassware and return to cabinets.
  • Bag garbage and place in trash receptacles provided outside the cabin. Trash receptacles are located beside cabin.

Washer/Dryer Not for rental use. Please do not attempt to utilize washer/dryer.

Air Conditioner and Fans When using air conditioner, keep doors and windows closed, use ceiling fans to circulate air.

  • Please turn A/C OFF when your stay has come to an end.

Heating with the Propane Stove

  • The Propane Stove can produce excessive heat! To assure comfort turn dial only to the point where flames appear, and use ceiling fans to circulate air. Otherwise you will become too hot, especially upstairs.
  • An empty propane tank smells of rotten egg, call Denise Immediately (740) 503-2418
  • To light pilot, open door (right to left)
  1. With left hand, turn dial to left then push and hold button.
  2. With right hand push igniter (red button). Continue to hold down knob on left 3-5 seconds. Release button after pilot is lit, then dial the knob to the left to adjust flame setting.
  3. To turn stove (heat up) ~ dial to left
  4. To turn stove (heat down) ~ dial to right
  5. To turn pilot off~ turn knob all the way to the right (will hear and feel a click)

Infrared Heater Further instructions found in binder on table.


Hitch Rail is available for visiting horses. Do not tie, stall, or picket line elsewhere on premises. Equine accommodations are available through Smoke Rise Ranch, (740) 767-2624.

Charcoal Grill (Bring your own charcoal)

Fire Pit Firewood may be available @ Smoke Rise Ranch (740) 767-2624.

  • Do not burn plastic, glass, cans (metal of any kind) or magazines in fire pit.


Thank you for enjoying and respecting the Wrangler Cabin!

Questions/ Problems: Please call immediately (740) 503-2418

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